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The Barns of Rose Hill

Demolition and Reconstruction of two historic Barns in Berryville, Virginia. H&W acted as the General Contractor for this project. Demolition included the removal of the existing two roofs and reinforcement for new footings and foundations for the structure. H&W crew members selectively demolished parts of the structure, enabling the removal and reuse of parts of the barns. The company also carefully removed the facade of the original buildings, including old siding, copulas, and metal roof essentially stripping the building down to the bones. The structure was then reinforced with a new timber trusses. Total structure rebuilt totaled 7,722 square feet.

  • Client – The Barns of Rose Hill Foundation
  • Architect – Carter and Burton
  • Location – Berryville, Virginia
  • Attributes – Demolition, Reconstruction, Historic Restoration, Community Arts Center, DBE Project, VDOT Funded